Thursday, December 11, 2008

You betcha

It is about as easy to find a place to wager in Ireland as it is to find a fast-food joint in the States.

The Irish clearly enjoy games of a chance. The Mouse Races we went to on Saturday are a good example. The betting was fast and furious. And when the four Yanks strolled in, eyes lit up. Someone was heard to exclaim, “The heavy money has come in from the States!’’

Rosscarbery, for as small as it is, has a bookie on the square. One day, Heather walked in, thinking there might be a wireless connection for her laptop. A customer smiled and asked, “Do you have a hot tip for us?’’ Seeing as how she had already won money on Saturday, Heather said, “Yes, go with mouse four in the sixth race.’’

And, finally, the fondness for gaming here was put this way at one restaurant. “Oh, yes, people here will wager on just about anything,’’ we were told. “We already have bets in the kitchen on how many pieces of bread will come back from your table.’’

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