Monday, December 8, 2008

Communion in Ireland

(This is Heather writing, so forgive us, Tom does a much better job!)…Despite visiting many pubs on Saturday night, the four of us were at Mass Sunday morning at 11:30. And we were not the last ones in the Cathedral. (Aunt Pat, you should really be proud of your nephew – he even had the good-feeling rosary beads with him). It was a beautiful service (and was over in less than 30 minutes).

It might be added here that the God of the Irish was quite understanding on this Sunday morning. John and Heather had in tow what would be described politely as non-regular church-goers in Tom and Carol. Had God been in a pissy mood, he could have rained fire and brimstone down upon them. But, in a way, He blessed the entire congregation. Just before Holy Communion, he chased away the sulking gray clouds that greeted parishioners as they arrived and sent out a burst of sunshine to warm the old stone walls. The Cathedral sits on a site where Christians have come to worship for about 1,400 years, according to local tour guides.

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Lee Bourque/Annaleigh Perry said...

I am saving my grandparents Rosary Beads for Tom P in case he would have another opportunity..for their use. Love lee/annaleigh