Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lord of the Rings

Oh, they shoot darts in Rosscarbery. Indeed, some lads were playing 301 Monday evening at The Abbey Bar. They made the game look easy.

They also toss rings at The Abbey. This would be a great indoor game to share with friends who might not be safe to put close to sharp objects.

The concept is similar to darts. Each player gets to toss six rings at a board outfitted with `13 cup hooks. Each cup hook has a point value. The object is to land a hook on a ring until a player hits a predetermined number, usually 200. Then, before the first person to hit the number can claim victory, he or she must land three rings on the #1 hook at the bottom of the board.

Because this blog reports the whole truth, it must be mentioned here that the HPT delegation went looking for the toughest local competition they could find. In the late afternoon Wednesday, they took on Aaron. Little did they know, he was a ringer. Aaron quickly raced past Tom and Carol and then John. For a while, it was neck-and-neck with Heather. Finally, though Aaron landed the winning ring, teaching the Americans a lesson they’d likely remember for quite a while. Oh, by the way, Aaron is 9 years old (he’ll be 10 in January).

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