Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taming A Wild Beast

Ireland is home to some of the most beautiful yet most vicious golf courses on the planet. Rosscarbery’s golf course sits by the sea just a few miles south of the square. The six of us spent the better part of Saturday afternoon on the links, playing 18 holes. With narrow fairways and greens the size of a postage stamp, the course proved challenging. Yet all of us had our moments when we were able to tame the beast. John authored the most spectacular shot of the day. He had pushed his approach shot on to a grassy knoll overlooking the torturous 10th hole. Almost thigh deep in the wild rough, John was able to slide enough of his pitching wedge under the ball to coax it from the grass. The ball landed maybe three inches from the cup. It is probably worth mentioning here that John had several spectacular shots from the rough, yet he didn’t seem to understand that the rough is not necessarily where he wanted to be all the time.

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