Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Executing The BBQ

John caught some fire on Tuesday. In another brash display of behavior seldom seen from Americans in Ireland, John grilled beef and pork roasts outside. Under blue skies dappled by puffy white clouds, he turned out two masterpieces. Working with a gas grill graciously provided by Sean and Betty from Rosscarbery’s Abbey Bar, John also sautéed a mixture of mushroom, onions, peppers and potatoes that accompanied a salad and wonderful rice and smoked fish side dish made by Emily.

For the sake of full disclosure, it must be noted that this blog entry is being written in a pub. A handful of patrons at the bar have just been asked if they have any idea how many Americans come to Ireland and end up grilling their own dinner. After some shrugging and head scratching, the locals were content to say that until someone tells them differently they will believe that John is the first. As one patron said, “Americans come here to kiss the Blarney Stone, tour the Ring of Kerry, drink in pubs and peep at castles. I’ve never heard of anyone who came here to cook on an outdoor grill.’’